Back then, three years ago, I was making good business, mainly firearms. A bit of extortion, a couple girls. All on a pretty good scale. In those days, I had it all! But then I got too careless and the ATF raided my crib. Luckily, they didn’t have too much evidence against me. Still, that mess brought me three years in Rikers Island. During a yard exercise, a guy tried to knife the President of the Bastards of Hell MC. Usually, of course, the first rules in the slammer are: Don’t see, don’t listen, don’t tell. And most importantly, don’t get involved. But the MC guys were honest types. I guess that was why I didn’t just turn my head. Now the Club owed me. I guess I could a joined the MC, but I preferred doing my own thing. Still, the whole appearance of these guys really impressed me.


Just out of jail and free again but with your own district now that you can manage from underground it is your duty to start your career as a gangster anew and found your own mc club. Your goal must be to expand the Motorcycle Club (MC) and rule the district with the help of your biker friends. Earn money, expand your influence and attack and rob other players in game. But watch out! The cops got their eyes everywhere so always remember to briber them and be sure that they keep their eyes shut and stay out of your business. With fortunes and tactic you’ll be the king of the road and rule them with merciless severity.

Bloody Roads, California is a strategy and building game, that asks for strategic thinking, fortunes and tactic. These are the features you get in the game and that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat for hours.



  • Found your very own MC

  • Awesome builder and strategy game with more than 20 unique buildings and a rewarding trade system

  • An exciting strategy game featuring trainable Bikers and tactical challenges

  • Realistic Biker setting with music that befits the scene and stunning graphics

  • Competitive content featuring PvE, PvP and rewarded rankings. Measure yourself with other players!

  • Enjoy exciting content with events, Motorcycle Clubs, single & multiplayer battles, achievements, events, a ranking system and much more to explore

  • Join thousands of players across many platforms in a single shared MMO game world

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